How to Spot Termite Damage Adelaide?

How to Spot Termite Damage Adelaide?

Termites are a national problem. They are found in 49 states and because of these termites an estimated $5 billion property damage is reported by the government each year. You need to protect your home before a termite attack is the best way to save money and keep you loved ones safe. 

If these destructive insects start nesting in your home your house will be soon damaged and you might lose thousands of dollars in repair and reconstruction. These damages are not covered under home insurance according to

Tips to Spot Termite Damage

Periodic checking of your home would prevent damage from termites .Be proactive for signs which might lead to termite infestation. Hire a professional from a reputed company to check your home for termites on an annual basis. 

In this way you could be rest assured that there would not be any new termite damage in your house. Once termite starts to infest your house there are certain signs which would show that they have started to damage your house.

Blisters in Wood Floors:

The first signs of termite damage would show on your wooden floors. These areas would appear as a blister which indicates that the termites are feeding on the wooden floor. Sometimes the floor might appear to you as if there is water damage.

Damaged or Hollowed Wood:

The other sign by which you can judge if there is a termite attack is by checking behind the surfaces like floors and walls. Termites chew the wood in search of cellulite and leave behind grooves which are very long.

In due time these grooves start to weaken and thus damage the structure of the house. Damage wood generally has an empty sound and it looks like a honeycomb inside.

Swarms Evidence:

Termites generally discard their wings when they swarm out of their nest to mate and then they find a place to start a new colony. When they settle down they twist their wings off as they would no longer need them.

So while checking for signs of termite infestation you need to check near closed windows and other access points if there are any termite wings.

Pencil sized Mud Tubes:

Another sign of termite attack would be that there are mud tubes to be found everywhere the ground meets your house. Even on nearby trees.  This is because the termite’s food source is generally the house structure and their nest is underground. They forage up to their food source.

These destructive insects require a particular temperature and humidity level. The Pencil sized mud tubes help these termites to block the cold and dry air turning your home into a place for them to thrive.

Termite droppings:

The termites which nest inside the wood are called Dry wood termites. They eat the wood they have infested and make galleries which they keep clean. They create holes so that they could push out the excreta which in turn create huge pellets. The excreta looks like saw dust or coffee powder.


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