How to start hot yoga at Home for Beginners – DIY Active

How to start hot yoga at Home for Beginners – DIY Active

Benefits of hot yoga have reached every person who cares about his or her health. But many people don’t get to indulge themselves in yoga classes due to their busy lifestyle.

Now, all those people can do hot yoga at homeAll it takes is some initial preparations, and you can make your home a hot yoga studio.

Here all the tips beginners can utilize for diy hot yoga.

Create a warm space

Temperature is key to successfully attaining the benefits of hot yoga. You need to create a space where the temperature is maintained between 100 to 105 degrees F. You can leverage a high-quality room heater to attain the desired temperature. Modern electronic room heaters provide accurate heating. So, you can use them to create your own diy hot yoga room.

Wear the right clothing

Your clothing has to be as minimal as possible. This way, your body can sweat properly during the positions of hot yoga. As you are doing yoga at home, it is possible to choose as minimal clothes as possible. Make sure the clothing choice fits your body properly. Any loose clothing such as a t-shirt or a shirt can restrict you from attaining the required positions.

Eat 3 hours prior to a yoga session

This is one of the most important aspects of doing bikram yoga at homeYou need to eat properly and also allow your body enough time to digest that food. Hence, give at least 2 to 3 hours of gap time after eating and doing hot yoga. Also, you should choose easily digestible food options such as fruits and veggies.

Don’t ever do this yoga without eating anything. The warm temperature and intense positions can easily cause stomach issues and nausea.

Hydrate your body

Hot yoga involves a lot of sweating due to the consistency of work you put in it. That’s why your body has to have enough water in the system. Drinking enough water is as important as eating. But don’t let your stomach get heavy due to too much water. Drink water in small sips and give about 1 hour afterward to begin hot yoga.

The essentials of how to do hot yoga at home are in front of you now. So, prepare your own yoga environment at home and start practicing. Keep some drinking water with you and allow the sweat to stay on your body, for cooling.



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