15 Hottest Japanese Fashion Clothing Brands In 2019

15 Hottest Japanese Fashion Clothing Brands In 2019

Japan does not only leave the world speechless introducing its amazing technology, infrastructure, and discipline. It is also known for its clothing brands all around the world. Do you want to know what are the 15 Hottest Japanese Fashion Clothing Brands In 2019? Let’s check it out in a detailed manner.

Top 15 Japanese Clothing Brands –

1. Uniqlo

Uniqlo rules over so many hearts because of its marvelous collection available at the best online prices. If you have been hunting for the best Japanese brand 2019, you should go for it. It was established in 1949. What makes it different from others is being recognized as an inexpensive brand always conscious to deliver standard quality. It holds a total number of 900 stores all across Europe, USA, and Asia.

Reasons To Choose Uniqulo


Uniqlo is also counted as one of the most sought-after brands all around the world. Whether you want to buy casuals, formals or activewear, you will have a wide collection having a variety of options.

Official Website: uniqlo.com

2. United Arrows

United Arrows emerged as a brand letting the world know the spirit and taste of Japan. Moreover, it has also established itself as the epicenter of the business model. It rules over a legion of hearts all across the world because of introducing out-of-the-box fashion and classic pieces.

United Arrows: Staunchly Believes in Delivering Quality 

United Arrows

It also owns other sub-brands under its names introducing the quality based beauty as well as standard quality lifestyle products.

Official Website: united-arrows.co.jp

3. Peach John

It is all about incredible designs, style, and quality. It was kicked off as a mail order brand but it took off so fast. Then it got more than 40 stores within 12 months. It comes up with loungewear and lingerie. You must check out this one of the best Japanese Clothing Brands to explore the amazing clothes.

Peach John

For fashionistas, it is just an amazing collection with a wide array of marvelous variety so that you will not run out of the choice ever.

Peach John fashion

Peach John is reputed brand adhered to bring the outstanding collection for women of all age. It understands its customers in the right manner. Here, you can find the outstanding variety to feel stylish, comfortable and happy at the same time.

Official Website: peachjohn.asia

4. Comme des Garçons

Comme des Garçons has carved out its images as an avant-garde fashion. If you want to go with only bespoke, stylish and couture clothing in Japan, you need to go with this brand.

Comme des Garçons – Met Gala in 2017 Enhanced Its Popularity 

Comme des Garçons

Established in 1969 made its popularity all across the world. What makes is different from other brands is that it also associated with the theme of the Met Gala in 2017. It also covers men’s apparel along with unearthing affordable collection as per the customers.

Official Website: comme-des-garcons.com

5. Lowrys Farm

It is known as one of the trendiest brands among the people of the age group 20 to 30. Here, you can explore the outstanding collection of casual clothing. It is one of the high-in-demand Japanese Fashion Brands.

Lowrys Farm

Official Website: lowrysfarm

6. Beams

Beams was founded in 1974 and it covers a wide range instead of just being stagnant to apparel store. You can explore interior décor, shoes, accessories, furniture and so on. Whether you want to buy street style or casual ones, you can go ahead. It holds more than 140 stores all around Japan. The popularity of Beam is world including Milan, Paris, Hong Kong, New York, China and so on.


Official Website: beams.co.jp

7. Tsumori Chisato

Tsumori Chisato was established in 1990 and now holds more than 40 stores all round Asia, USA, Scandinavia, Russia, and USA. It is known for introducing the breathtaking embroidery, outstanding blending with luxurious textiles with intricate designs and marvelous prints.

Tsumori Chisato

Official Website: tsumorichisato.com


WEGO is all about fostering fast fashion. It holds more than 150 stores all around in Japan. WEGO is quite popular among young adults because of introducing outstanding hip and trendy designs.

WEGO-Find Outstanding Clothing At Reasonable Prices 


For fashionistas, it is such a boon indeed as they can have outstanding clothing at reasonable prices.

Official Website: wego.jp

9. Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake was established in 11970 and introduces his first collection in 1971. The thing makes this brand different from others is an amalgamation of art, nature, and fashion. Not only for clothing but he is also known for amazing perfumes too.

Issey Miyake

Official Website: isseymiyake.com

10. Cecil McBee

The discussion would not complete without adding this name Cecil McBEe. Being one of the most sought after brands, it keeps introducing the best collection targeting youngsters.

Cecil McBee

Official Website: cecilmcbee.jp

11. Snidel

It rules of so many hearts because of unearthing the collection revolving around the factors called feminine and minimalistic. It is an incredible amalgamation of delicate cuts and street style.

Feminine and Minimalistic Affordable Collection


Official Website: snidel.com

12. Muji

It is a brand known for introducing low-cost quality products. Muji believes in maintaining transparency between the company and customers. It comes up with products having an eco-friendly factor. Talking about the most versatile product of Muji is a T-shirt made of coarse-coconut thread.

Muji With Eco-Friendly Factor Oriented Collection


Official Website: muji.eu>

13. GU

Uniqulo’s sister store is known as GU fostering the concept of freedom. It comes up with low price fast fashion-oriented products to make the customer happy and satisfied. It holds 280 stores all around Southeast, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Asia.


Gu introduces the outstanding collection all set to leave you speechless with its creativity. Here, you can find the standard quality collection available at the best prices.

Official Website: gu-japan.com

14. Mackintosh Philosophy

It is the best seller for suits. It also owns a wide collection of amazing apparels, which are not only comfortable but durable too. It holds its amazing brands all across Japan.

Mackintosh Philosophy

For men, it is such an amazing brand to find out the marvelous collection to look stylish and classic both at the same time.

Official Website: mackintosh-philosophy.com

15. Takeo Kikuchi

This men’s brand rules all across Japan introducing the outstanding chic, novel and classic style clothes for business people. It is even beautifully amalgamated with Asian fashion and European style.

Takeo Kikuchi

Official Website: takeokikuchith.com


And these all above-mentioned brands show that Japan is quite fashion conscious. The marvelous collection is all set to grab your attention. If you want to try something new, do explore any of these stores to buy at the best prices.


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