20 Best Japanese Moisturizers and Face Lotions to Buy Online 2019

Everyone cares for their face and beauty. We are always in a race to find out about the best products in the market that can work wonders on the skin. Thus, it is important to be aware of the best moisturizers and face lotions that are trending the market in 2019. The specialty with Japanese moisturizers and Face Lotions are its delicate effect on the skin and the magical change it brings along with it.

This article will guide you through the top 20 Japanese face products to try in 2019. Are you all set to check out the best moisturizer and best Japanese body lotion? Let’s check it out in a detailed manner.


1. Sofina Jenne Moisturizing UV Lotion for Combination Skin

This cream is quite similar to a sunscreen lotion in its function. It protects the face from harmful UV rays, and also moisturizes it. Get your skin glowing. It can be used by all skin types, as it functions the same on each of it.

Sofina Jenne Moisturizing UV Lotion for Combination Skin The cream performs well as a UV base. It has a sweet fragrance that will get you going through the day.


2. Astalift Emulsion

This is a product of Fujifilm. It works not just on the skin’s surface but penetrates deep into the inner layers of skin as well. The three collagen moisturize the keep, and increases the softness, and glow of the face.

It protects dampness in the skin, keeping it supple. And it is quite good for your skin to make it healthy and outstanding. Astalift Emulsions


3. Muji Moisturizing Milk Moisture.

You can achieve the best result when it is used after a cleanser or a toner, whichever is your choice. It has the color of milk and is fragrance-free. The moisturizer works well on dry skin.

Muji Moisturizing Milk Moisture It can hydrate the skin, and keep it smooth, without any dry patches. It does its function on sensitive skin as well.


4. Cutura Milky Lotion

The lotion is best recommended for dry skin. It is designed for extremely dry skin with dilated pores, and lack of firmness. It is a combination of fermented milk.

The package holds its freshness for a greater time. Keep your skin dancing with the milky lotion. Cutura Milky Lotion


5. ELIXIR REFLET Balancing Oshiroi Milk

It works best as a sunscreen too. You can consider it as an effective UV base. It works best on all skin types. It can also be used a base under normal makeup as well. It lasts throughout the day, keeping the skin smooth, and shiny. Oshiroi lets you experience a fresh and light feeling on the skin.

It is allergen free. Even though it works well on combination skin types, you may want to ask a skin expert if you have oily skin. ELIXIR REFLET Balancing Oshiroi Milk


6. Hada Labo shirojyun Premium with White Tranexamic Acid & Vitamin C Medicated Whitening Lotion

It works on the inner layers of the skin and keeps it always hydrated. It is liquid in form and is the most effective one in keeping the skin supple. Dry skin will become a thing of past once this cream starts its work on your skin.


 Hada Labo shirojyun Premium It doesn’t irritate the skin and causes no skin troubles.


7. Curel Moisture Face Milk

If you are a lover of healthy skin, then it’s way time that you start giving this lotion a try. The cream is thick and has a fine fragrance to it. The cream would take a moment to get inside the deeper layers of skin.


It prevents fungal acne and keeps the skin clear. It also keeps skin hydrated and helps to avoid dry patches. Curel Moisture Face Milk


8. Nameraka Honpo Soymilk Isoflavone Lotion

Nameraka Honpo series presents a wide range of products. It is light in texture and moisturizes the skin pretty well.

Nameraka Honpo Soymilk Isoflavone Lotion

It is not recommended for sensitive skin. It may look little milky in its appearance. The lotion penetrates into the skin fast and makes it smooth.


9. Skin mania Clear Essence Milk

It is perfect for problems related to aging. It is better suited for dry and sensitive skin. It has a lightweight texture.


Skin mania Clear Essence Milk

It works on the skin’s barrier function and enhances it. Bid goodbye to enlarged pores with this.


10. Aqualabel White Up Emulsion II

It’s quite silky in its texture. It has a touch of in its smell. Aquabel increases skin clarity by driving away blemishes.


Aqualabel White Up Emulsion II

It intervenes with the production of melanin, and thus lower the chances of getting freckles. It has elements of baby amino acid and tranexamic acid.


11. FANCL Moist Refine Emulsion II

It is the ultimate solution for dry skin. It works on extra sebum, and roughness. It locks the skin’s moisture from inside. Active Ceramides is the main ingredient in this.


FANCL Moist Refine Emulsion II

12. Transino Medicated Whitening Clear Milk

Tranexamic acid is the major ingredient in the lotion. It fights against aging, and freckles. It has no fragrance to it.


Transino Medicated Whitening Clear Milk

13. Ninhonsu no Nyueki –Sake lotion

It brightens the skin and keeps it hydrated. It is alcohol free and locks the skin against moisture lost. It works well on all skin types.


Ninhonsu no Nyueki –Sake lotion

14. Arouge Moist Treatment Gel

It makes use of the super nano particles. It has a non-sticky texture. It works throughout the day. it can be used as a base before putting makeup.

Arouge Moist Treatment Gel

15. Sofina beaute Moisturizing Lotion Super Moist

It has a sweet floral fragrance to it. The lotion has quick absorption. It makes the skin moist. It works in deeper layers of skin.


16. Orbis Aqua Force White Moisture-M

Orbis Aqua Force White Moisture-M It is soft and spreads well and fast over the skin. It assures all-day moisture.


17. Minon Amino Moist Charge Milk

It brings together the power of nine types of amino acids. It shields the skin from pollution and dirt. It has a velvety texture and works fine with dry skin. Minon Amino Moist Charge Milk


18. Sofina Jenne Moisturizing Gel Lotion for Combination Skin

It acts against dark spots. Active ceramide is the major ingredient. It fights against hyper pigmentation.


Sofina Jenne Moisturizing Gel Lotion

19 d program Moist Care Emulsion R

It is for rough skin. It prevents the skin from getting patchy and dry. It is very delicate in texture.

d program Moist Care Emulsion R

20. d program Balance Care Emulsion R II

Recommended for sticky skin. It guarantees all-day moisture and shine. It prevents acne.

d program Balance Care Emulsion R II


Conclusions – 

It is time to get rid of your skin from all types of harmful dirt and marks. Let your skin smile in 2019 going with these amazing products.

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