Latest Styling Tips for A Gorgeous Mother of the Bride (or Groom)

Latest Styling Tips for A Gorgeous Mother of the Bride (or Groom)

Finally, the most awaited event is here; your baby’s wedding!

Being the mother of the bride or the groom, the greatest challenge you will face is dressing up. Wanting to look all gorgeous and charming, you will also have to consider the age factor and occasion appropriateness of the dress. Weddings also mean a lot of pictures, especially when it’s your child’s, and this calls for a very flattery dress!

The traditional outfits of the mother of the bride mother of the bride are usually very dull and boring, but to style up a lady as elegant as you, here are a few tips from our top stylists. They will help you charm your way out, while yet letting the bride to be the star of the event.

Fashion Tips for Stylish Mums


1. Compliment the Bride


Compliment the bride, do not overshadow her!

When you pick up a dress for yourself, remember that even though it need not look very dull, it must not look like you are competing with the bride for a spot at the altar. Let the gown be an elegant wedding outfit, which is not too glam to steal the thunder from the bride on her special day.

The next important thing is choosing the right color. Stick to the color theme so that you do not look odd in the pictures. Avoid very bright colors, and instead, opt for sparkling neutral colors like champagne, dove grey and silver. Be very careful about picking an entirely different style of the dress as to the brides.

  1.  Switch Up a Suit

If you are comfortable wearing something not very predictable for the mother of the groom or the bride, a dress and a blazer combo can be a great hit. These are tailor-made, and hence perfect have the right fit for a mature frame as yours.

Looking more modern than a dress, you can always pair a skirt with a complementary colored blazer. It is not important to stick to the traditional matching two-piece, you can always play with colors subtly.   

  1. Whether or Not to Hat?

The question is a forever affair!

You can choose to add a little chic effect to your dress by getting some hair-do done or maybe a blow-dry, even for the formal wedding. But if you still think that you prefer a hat, try on as many before finalizing on one. Take the picture from different angles so that you can be sure of if it compliments your face or not. After all, you will not want to regret the hat later!

Feel free to let the hat be if you are uncomfortable with one. Just because you are the mother of the bride, you are under no obligation to wear it. However, if you enjoy wearing one, go for it!

  1.  Footloose and Fancy-Free

The very uncomfortable trend of the five-inch stilettos are almost gone now! Thank god for it! Anyway, you should not feel too pressured to wear them, or anything that is not comfortable to your feet.

Just keep the location in mind, and choose whatever you want to; flats, wedges, or even high heels! What matters at the end of the day is that they compliment your dress and that you are comfortable throughout the wedding.   

  1. Pay Attention to the Detail

Now that you are done with choosing your outfit and the other essentials, the most exciting part begins; accessorizing!

Accessories are a great way to make the statement that you want to; elegant, glamorous or chic! Take your time to pick the right ones for yourself. A delicate clutch bag adds the perfect finishing to your outfit.

With so many amazing tips for the perfect dress for your son and daughter’s big day, we hope you are a step closer to what you need! Share it with other mothers also, so that they can rock it too!


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