Things you should know About Silicone Sponge Cord & Custom Silicone O-Ring

Things you should know About Silicone Sponge Cord & Custom Silicone O-Ring

When it comes to buying silicone rubber for particular application, then you must know first that which type of silicone rubber would fit properly in your application, and sponge rubber cord is something that is widely used in various sealing applications. The good thing is that it is very soft and compressible and can be supplied in coils, cut length or vulcanised in to O-ring.

Silicone sponge extrusions have outstanding resistance to temperature, UV light and ozone. They are also anti-stick and approved for food contact. Company Like Elastostar Rubber Corp offer a range of standard profiles (shown below) and can manufacture many others from samples or drawings.

Qualities of Sponge Rubber Cord

Sponge Rubber Cord is airtight and soaks up little water. These properties of sponge rubber cord are the prerequisites for the effective use of this type of seal. Sponge silicone cord is weather resistant and also chemical substances. Sponge rubber cord is can be used within the temperature range of the base elastomeric material they are made of. Sponge rubber can also resist from temperature -50C to +200C.

Extruded Sponge Rubber Cord are very soft, pliable and elastic, and have a relatively low weight even with large diameters and that makes sponge rubber different and suitable for range of applications that is being used in different industry. Sponge silicone sealing cord are reliable also reliable when it comes to use in the applications where it’s become hard to sealing cord made of compact solid rubber. Elastostar Rubber Corp also offers small quantities.

Sponge Rubber Cord is ideal for “Clean Room” application that is requiring exposure to extreme high to low temperatures. We provide silicone rubber cord that is radiation resistance, UV resistance and also most important Corona resistance.

Sponge Rubber Cord

What Are Best Use of Sponge O-Rings?

Generally, Sponge O-rings are used in static applications and provide a critical seal for housings to reach ingress protecting. Sponge O-ring are also being used in thermostats, radars, robotics, LCD screens, monitors, and computers also.

Sponge Rubber O-rings benefit:

  • Sponge Silicone Rubber Cord is durable and high to low temperature resistance
  • It can be suitable for use with non-metallic applications
  • Best suitable for seal against air and water
  • It has the ability to original thickness.
  • It has fire retardant, oil resistance, UV resistance, Ozone resistant, food & drug approved.
  • It is also compatible with ultrasonic welding.

Custom Silicone O- Rings

Silicone Rubber O ring is being used in o-rings and gasket applications and because of that it is compression set value and get the other advantage such as excellent electrical qualities, high to low temperature applications, resistance to chemicals and very soft, flexible, and durable and the another most important thing is they are inert and odourless, so it can be suitable for various range of applications that can be used in different industries.

In addition, silicone rubber O-ring, and gaskets also can be steam sterilized and can be compounded for increasing possessions that far surpass the value for thermoplastic elastomers. The characteristics of these silicone O-rings and gaskets make them ideal for hostile surroundings.

Elastostar Rubber Corp offers best quality custom silicone O-rings and gasket for various range of medical device, biomedical, consumer products, food and beverages industries, aerospace. We at Elastostar rubber Corp provide rapid silicone prototypes as per customer requirement.

Silicone O-rings and gaskets can be over molded or bonded to other substrates such as thermoplastics, metals and existing silicone parts. Over molding silicone gaskets on to substrate parts offers cost reduction in production products. There are many critical factors in properly designing a silicone gasket, such as location of the parting line, minimization of flash and maintaining tight dimensional tolerances.

Why Choose Elastostar Rubber Corp?

Elastostar Rubber Corporation is an industry leader in silicone manufacturing with goal to help our customers in achieving sustained profitable growth as a problem solver and provider of high quality products and services. We provide design, engineering and manufacturing of elastomer products to our customers globally backed with our streamlined and innovative supply.

Elastostar rubber Corp is one of the leading manufacturer of silicone rubber tubing, our manufacturing processes, products and solutions span various elastomer formulations to meet 3A Sanitary, FDA 21 CFR177.2600, USDA, USP CL-VI, NSF, NSF STD-51, UL, Military and Industrial/Commercial requirements.

Feel free to contact us today, our professional team is available to evaluate your requirement, so that we can provide you a best solution.


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