The Best of India, Board the Best Train of India!

The Best of India, Board the Best Train of India!

The scope of touring India is so vast that even honored historians have written odes to its almost infinite nature. Through the ages, India has been talked about as an exotic land of mystery, with new accounts and exaggerated stories finding their way into travel journals regularly. Even the improvement of access to the remote – and, consequently, mostly untouched by the ravages of modern man, thankfully – has been tough, but with Indian luxury holidays planned out by the Maharajas’ Express, you can experience the Indian subcontinent in glorious luxury!

There are many ways to experience Indian culture, from backpacking on a shoe string budget to booking business class on country wide flights, but neither of these or any in between deliver the personalized, individual focused tours of significant Indian cities like the Maharajas’ Express. The Indian luxury holidays of the custom built train can best be described as Utopian, because general travelers will not run across such grandeur even if they tried to find something similar while touring the country on their own. From the intricately furnished suites to the well-stocked bar, no thought or expense has been spared in making the Maharajas’ Express the benchmark for Indian luxury holidays.

Luxury Travel, Redefined

The Maharajas’ Express delivers on all counts of amenities for the modern traveler looking to go on Indian luxury holidays. The suites fall into three categories: Presidential, Suite, and Junior Suite; each differs from the others so that you have options to choose from for your family and loved ones. There are also the stately Deluxe Cabins in case you are making your trip solo. Once you are on your merry way to soak in the Indian vibe, the pneumatic suspension that the train rests on hardly lets you feel the rail tracks, adding further to the feel of luxury holidays aboard the Maharajas’ Express.

Mechanical details apart, the amenities in the guest suites are at par with the best luxury hotels, giving you Wi Fi, Direct Dial Telephones (including International Calling), a complete entertainment system for watching movies or television and lots of smaller comforts, including a personal safe to store your precious documents and valuable items when you are out enjoying the personalized tours of vibrant cities that have been included in the 7 journeys developed for your ultimate enjoyment.

The hospitality offered by the attentive staff who are at your side during the Indian luxury holidays of the Maharajas’ Express is impressive, to say the least. While on board the lavish train, your cabin is attended to by dedicated valets, who cater to each and every whim and fancy their guests may think of. When you are experiencing the history first hand, knowledgeable guides provide you trivia while keeping you protected from the uncertainties that make India the country that it is. Due to the staff being highly trained to deter unwanted local contact, you will never have to go through what the hapless tourists in Slumdog Millionaire experienced! Jokes aside, the champagne breakfasts and dining venues at exclusive venues are included in the train’s Indian luxury holidays, to provide you with the perfect opportunities to indulge yourselves!

If it is comfort and luxury you seek while you crisscross the swathes of India, hop aboard the Maharajas’ Express!


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