5 Effective Methods to Transfer Files from PC to PC

5 Effective Methods to Transfer Files from PC to PC

This article will introduce five effective methods to transfer files from PC to PC if users purchase a new PC and want to use the data from old PC.

When users purchase a new computer with brand-new hardware and hard drive, they may move to the new computer from the old one. So the question is: how to transfer files from PC to PC so that users can use the familiar files on the new PC? In this article, we will walk users through 5 effective ways for the computer to computer transfer.

Use an External Storage Device for File Transfer

This is a common way for most users. If users have an external hard drive or USB flash drive, they can connect it to their old computer and move important files to this external device. After that, remove it from the old PC, connect to the new PC, and move data to the new hard drive.

Use Cloud Storage to Transfer Data

For cloud storage, the common services include Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and more. If users are using OneDrive, log into it with a Microsoft account and upload the important files to the OneDrive folder in the old computer. Then, log in OneDrive in the new computer and move these files to a location on the new hard drive.

Use a Transfer Cable to Transfer Files from A PC to Another

On the market, there are some kinds of PC transfer cables on sale, for instance, the popular Plugable transfer cable, enabling users to transfer data between two computers. Once the two computers are connected to the transfer cable, the built-in software will start with the process of transferring files, folders, users account, etc.

Use a Transfer Cable to Transfer Files

Use a LAN Cable to Transfer Files to New Computer

This way is a bit complicated, so users should transfer files from one computer to another computer by following the guide.

Move 1: Use a LAN cable like Ethernet crossover cable to connect both the old and the new computer.

Move 2: Turn on Network Sharing on both computers.

  1. Go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Change advanced sharing settings.
  2. Turn on file and printer sharing.
  3. Save changes.

Move 3:  Sett a static IP address of the same class to let them in the same LAN.

  1. Click on the Ethernet in the network and sharing center.
  2. Go to Properties > Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) > Properties.
  3. Make IP settings for two computers and they can be respectively:;

Move 4: Make sure the workgroup name of every PC is WORKGROUP.

Move 5: Create a shared folder for files that need to be transferred. Then, users can go to another computer to open the shared folder to use files.

Clone the Entire Hard Drive to the New Disk

After purchasing a new PC, some users may want to keep the new PC the same as the old PC; Windows settings, applications, files, etc. are also identical to the old PC.

In this case, a disk cloning can help users to achieve their aim. During the cloning, all the contents on the old PC’s disk will be copied to the new disk. After cloning, the new disk can be used to directly boot the new PC with the same Windows, settings, programs, personal files, and more.

To do this work, we recommend using the professional backup software – MiniTool ShadowMaker. It offers a feature – Clone Disk to clone a computer to another computer.

Clone Disk

Generally speaking, it is easy to transfer files from PC to PC. Users should choose an appropriate way based on their own actual needs.

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